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  • Fares can be paid on the bus or in advance through tickets or passes. The Bus Operator cannot make change on the bus, so exact change is required.

    Money saving tickets and passes may be purchased at the Stop & Shop stores in Old Saybrook, Clinton, or Madison and at Adam’s Market in Deep River. They may also be purchased online using the shopping cart below.

    On-Route Shuttle
    Adult: $1.50
    Senior*: Suggested $.75 donation
    Transfer: Free
    Children 4 and under: Free

    Off-Route Shuttle and Dial-A-Ride/Transit-On-Call
    Adult: $3.00
    Senior*: Suggested $1.50 donation
    Transfer: $1.50
    Personal Care Attendant: Free
    Children 4 and under: Free

    Same Day Off-Route or Dial-A-Ride**
    Cash Fare: $6.00

    Pre-Paid Fares
    10 Ride tickets: $11.75
    Book of ten tickets. One ticket per on-route trip and two tickets per off-route or Dial-A-Ride trip. Valid for one year from purchase date.

    Monthly Pass: $47.00
    Unlimited on-route rides for one calendar month. Off-route trips cost an additional $1.50.

  • *Seniors are individuals age 60 or over residing in the ten town region with ID (pre-registration required for off-route or Dial-A-Ride). Senior transportation made possible by a grant from the Senior Resources Agency on Aging with Title III funds made available under the Older Americans Act. Same day fare is not eligible for the senior fare program and must be paid in cash or ride tickets.

    **Same day off-routes or Dial-A-Ride trips are available at the discretion of 9TT and dependent upon availability.

  • Transfers

  • Transfers are issued upon request when boarding the bus and paying the fare. A transfer is good on the next connecting bus and cannot be used for a round-trip. A transfer may only be used once. Transfers will not be issued to customers paying with a transfer.

  • Municipal Discount

  • Municipal Discount
    Member or contract town governments receive a 15% discount off tickets and passes. The tickets and passes may then be distributed to citizens as the town deems appropriate.

    The discount is only available online or at our office, not at any retail locations. Purchases made online must have a town office as the delivery and email address and use the shopping cart below. Purchases made in office must have proof of town affiliation.

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